6 Reasons Why Palm Kernel Shells Indonesia is Superior

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Find Out Why Palm Kernel Shells from Indonesia is the Best Choice for Your Biomass Energy


buy palm kernel shell, palm kernel shellBiomass residue extracted from palm oil industries is considered an appealing renewable energy fuel in Southeast Asia. The amount of these biomass assets is expanding with the quick advancement of palm oil industries in Indonesia. Why palm kernel shells Indonesia is superior?

Before we go any further, let’s understand what Palm Kernel Shells exactly are. Palm Kernel Shells are the shell parts left after the nut has been taken out in the palm oil factory.

These materials originate mostly from plantations in Indonesia and make a good addition to biomass energy. As indicated by Data of Directorate General of Estate Crops, palm oil in Indonesia has an average growth rate of 8% every year since 2004 and has reached its peak in the vegetable oil global market with a total production of 30 million tons ever since.

There are reasons why Palm Kernel Shells Indonesia could arrive at these numbers and one of them has something to do with quality. In this article, we will disclose to you a much deeper insight into it.

So, keep on reading the explanation down below.


6 Reasons Why Palm Kernel Shells Indonesia is Superior


1. High-Quality

Palm Kernel Shell Indonesia has been known for the best quality content inside it. If you look carefully inside the shell, you will discover a lot of advantageous content that can be used for different purposes.

In every one of the shells, it contains protein, calories, and fat. It also has a few minerals that are effective for some necessities including biofuel, farm feeding, and so forth.

The fact that Indonesia has been producing high-quality Palm Kernel Shells is widely recognized by numerous countries all over the world. That is one of the reasons why Indonesia becomes a trusted country to supply a huge number of Palm Kernel Shells.

2. Good for Environment

The most recent exploration has referenced that Indonesian Palm Kernel Shells are one of the breakthroughs in terms of providing an environmental-friendly solution. Thus, using these products as an option for biomass energy will turn into an amazing choice to make.

Using Palm Kernel Shells is also expected to increase the chance of having better air and environment around the industries. Through the utilization of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shells, it is believed that the environment can stay intact, with less contamination, yet carry enough energy to run the industries.

Many other countries believe that this option is one of the environmental-friendly options as opposed to using different kinds of fuel.

3. Cost-Saving

A lot of countries will try to get the most cost-saving products to import. This is where Indonesian Palm Kernel Shells also thrive.

Indonesia is listed as one of the countries that produce Palm Kernel Shells with competitive prices and they are usually cheaper than other providers all around the world. In this way, it is not surprising if Indonesian Palm Kernel Shells are very widely popular.

For the same reason, Indonesia has also become the main option for other countries to help increase the supply of their Palm Kernel Shells. Besides, it is also widely known that all the handling expense from Indonesia is considered cheap.

Subsequently, it is a decent choice to have a great partnership in this commodities export.

4. Available in Various Types

In Indonesia, there are numerous sorts and types of palm trees. Each sort or each type may bring about a slightly different quality of shells.

Since Indonesia gives a lot of sorts and types of palm trees to choose from, the importer will get an opportunity to have the most suitable one to purchase. It is very convenient since the needs of each country will vary.

By having more choices, it intends to give more suitable quality and quantity in running the industries. Besides, every island in Indonesia can supply different Palm Kernel Shells.

It is incredible as it can help provide a consistent and stable supply of Palm Kernel Shells required by different countries.


palm kernel shells indonesia


5. Available in Abundant

Indonesia is one of the countries with abundant Palm Kernel Shell supplies. Despite the fact that Indonesia is not considered as the only country with a high supply of Palm Kernel Shells, the country is still listed as perhaps the greatest source of palm oil trees.

It has been known that Nigeria is the main exporter of Palm Kernel Shells. That being said, Indonesia can also deliver a nearly similar amount of Palm Kernel Shells and effectively fill the request of many countries.

Thus, numerous different countries are now building a partnership with Indonesia to help them in providing their needs on the Palm Kernel Shells.

6. Well-Established

The countries that are known for being leading palm oil producers in the world, including Indonesia, are now considering to restrict the fare of Palm Kernel Shells to guarantee supplies of the biomass material for sustainable power ventures and to diminish reliance on non-renewable energy sources. For instance, numerous developers in Indonesia have expressed an interest in pushing the Palm Kernel Shells-fired power plants agenda.

The Palm Kernel Shells Indonesia market is well-established in areas like Sumatra Island. The fare quantities to Europe and North Asia as essential fuel for biomass power plants are consistently expanding. The foundation of a biomass exchange in Indonesia will likewise be a central factor in tapping the unharnessed potential of Palm Kernel Shells as a biomass resource.

This whole cycle of trading and expanding shows that Palm Kernel Shell industries in Indonesia know how to provide you with high-quality Palm Kernel Shells and the best purchasing experience.


Written above is a list of reasons why Palm Kernel Shells Indonesia is the best choice for your biomass energy. By taking a look at those points, it currently turns out to be clear why a lot of countries prefer Indonesian Palm Kernel Shells than those from other providers.

It is additionally important to hold regard for the good quality and the abundance of Indonesian Palm Kernel Shells. If you have anything in mind about this topic, please let us know in the comment section down below.

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