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Buy Wood Pellet. Wood pellets from Indonesia are known as the best quality wood pellets. Using the best wood for more energy – longer lasting – cleaner and healthier – at a more competitive price. Using wood pellets from Indonesia for your industrial needs – ensuring the use of environmentally friendly energy. We only produce and supply the best quality wood pellets with international standards.

So far, we have supplied domestic wood pellets such as household needs and the food industry. With the increasing production capacity that we have, meeting the quality of exports for the international market we send wood pellets to Thailand, Japan and Korea – with an increasing volume. We – can meet any of your industrial wood pellet needs.

We apply strict production quality standards according to our goal of providing premium grade wood pellets for you. For the supply of raw materials, the company is currently providing guidance to communities around the factory to cultivate red calliandra in yards and sleeping areas as well as being supplied from the surrounding sawmills in the form of sawdust, waste from pieces of plywood factories, branches and replanting rubber twigs. , as well as wood waste from the opening of oil palm plantations which have been burned and causing haze.

Buy Wood Pellet Indonesia


It is our main desire to establish long-term relationships and cooperation. Therefore, we attach great importance to product quality and service for every transaction we carry out.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly with CO2 emissions 10 times lower than coal and oil and 8 times lower than gas usage.

Equivalent To Coal

The caloric value is 4.7 KWh / Kg which is almost equivalent to coal

Safe and Low Ash Content

Constant moisture content and low ash content of 0.5%. Very clean. In fact, the ashes can be used directly as fertilizer


Practical in terms of use and storage

Easy to Light and Lower Smoke

Easy to ignite and lower smoke than other firewood uses. No pollution and safe for environment.

Cost Effective & Profitable

Save money so it is very profitable for your business

Our Wood Pellet Factory

Our Capacity

In the long term, the supply of raw materials will be supplied through plantation forests, community forests, and village forests around the factory.

The current production capacity of our factory is 1,500 – 2,000 Tons per month, and will continue to increase over time. Our target is to become the pioneer of environmentally friendly energy producers for the Indonesian nation.

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Wood Pellet Indonesia

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