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Foreign Countries are increasingly interested in Palm Shell Exports


cangkang sawit (PKS)

In the midst of the conditions of the Covid-19 outbreak that are worrying business people, now the name Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) is increasingly existing. Even though it is not the main product of palm oil processing, even only waste, the potential and benefits of this product have been recognized and accepted by developed countries in the world.

So far, the PKS to be exported in Indonesia comes from the largest palm oil center provinces in Indonesia. For Sumatra (Riau, Medan, Palembang, Bengkulu), Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan), and Sulawesi. All of the largest factories are working with official Bionergy suppliers to provide PKS export products to foreign countries.

To find out what the advantages of palm kernel shells are and how to provide these export products, as well as which countries have ordered this PKS product? we will discuss it in full in the article below.

PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) as an export commodity

Not only known as a source of food, but oil palm has also been labeled as a multifunctional zero waste commodity. Almost all parts of oil palm, including shells and EFB (empty palm oil bunches), which are considered waste have also managed to get the attention of a number of developed countries to be processed as a source of renewable energy.

Compared to fossil energy, energy from palm kernel shells, or Palm Kernel Shell, PKS is not only eco-friendly or environmentally friendly. From the advantages it has, after meeting domestic needs, palm kernel shells continue to penetrate the world.

What are the advantages of biomass from palm kernel shells? The biomass which has the most efficient commercial value for bioenergy power generation is palm kernel shell. This is because apart from the high-calorie count, the logistical and inventory factors are easy to make Japan concerned about Indonesia’s biomass.

Export of Indonesian Palm Shells

cangkang sawit (PKS)

One of the exports that are encouraged to continue to be increased is the export of palm kernel shells (PKS). Its export destinations include Japan, which is a potential country to absorb this product.

Japan has currently launched a green energy policy in the Basic Energy Plan 2030 which targets electricity production of 1,065 TWh. In the policy, 3.7–4.6 percent of the energy source comes from biomass raw materials.

Indonesia can take advantage of biomass, especially palm kernel shells, factory waste produced from the processing of Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Because this waste is being hunted by several countries, such as Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Poland. Palm kernel shells are used as a source of bioenergy power plants. No wonder domestic entrepreneurs are competing to export this waste.

Through exports, the government gets profits through foreign exchange. The value of foreign exchange exceeded 250 million USD per year. The tax contribution consisting of 7 USD export duty and 15 USD as palm oil levy, has reached 55 million USD.

Increasing Demand for Exports to Japan

Currently, business actors in Indonesia see that the need for biomass energy in Japan as the implementation of renewable energy for electricity generation can have a positive impact on the performance of national palm oil.

Until now, the country of Sakura imports nearly 1.2 million tons of palm kernel shells per year. And this is increasing because the number of bioenergy power plants being built continues to grow and increase. Some of the raw materials use 100 percent palm kernel shells, some are 30 percent combined with wood pellets and 70 percent palm shells.

Not only Japan, but South Korea is also aggressively requesting exports of palm oil shells and cakes, resulting in an increase in demand. Especially after the Fukushima nuclear case, they started to slowly get out of nuclear energy but did not want to use solar. They mix their coal charcoal briquettes with 10 percent, 12 percent, 15 percent of palm kernel shell biomass, and wood chips so that it becomes clean energy.

The increasing demand for exports to overseas

cangkang sawit (PKS)

Japan is not only interested in Biomass from palm kernel shells as a source of bioenergy power generation. But also other countries, such as Taiwan, China, and Thailand. In the land of a thousand Pagodas, the palm kernel shell biomass power plant is used for the canned fruit processing industry. This oil palm biomass is also of interest to Poland.

The revolution of energy generation projects in Japan to the renewable energy sector, which is currently happening, requires meeting the supply of biomass raw materials. This opens up opportunities for Indonesia as a country that has forest potential and the world’s largest producer of palm oil, to fill biomass needs in Japan, especially those from palm kernel shell (PKS) and wood pellets.

Indonesia is the largest producer of Palm Kernel Shell

The future of palm oil utilization is not only from the oil production produced by farmers but also from the biomass they produce. As we know oil palm is the largest biomass producer of all commercial crops. There are about 28 tonnes per hectare of biomass produced by oil palm. That is the largest production compared to others.

Oil palm shells and cakes have been maximally utilized in the country, and currently, many foreign countries are looking for palm kernel shells and cakes from Indonesia, for example, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Australia. so that it needs professional handling for the fulfillment of PKS export commodities abroad.

For this reason, Bionergy as an official supplier collaborates with well-known PKS-producing factories in Indonesia which are spread across Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. For that, to anticipate difficulties in ordering PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) products, we are ready to help you distribute and provide the best palm shell products directly from the largest oil palm plantations, please contact us immediately, we are ready to help you.

Bionergy – Supplier of the Best Palm Kernel Shell & Wood Pellets

cangkang sawit (PKS)

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