How to Buy Palm Kernel Shell Indonesia - from Indonesia?

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How to Buy Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia


how to buy palm kernel shell indonesia

Palm Kernel Shell is a residue resulted from the palm oil industry. Though, it has been quickly turning into a significant source of feedstock for biomass energy generation these days. How to buy palm kernel shell Indonesia – because PKS from Indonesia known has best quality.

Although in every case it is customarily utilized by palm oil factories as a source of energy, interest from power generators is now growing, still. Palm Kernel Shell has picked up its status as a biofuel source for biomass products.

It is environmentally friendly energy that conforms to a lot of countries’ energy guidelines, including Indonesia. Palm Kernel Shell is likewise considered as the substitution for wood chips.

In Indonesia, the biomass boiler is getting popular because of its design, maintenance, and cost. Palm Kernel Shell is their best option of biomass material that comes after wood pellet, wood chip, sawdust pellet, and so forth.

With a full group of experienced experts, Indonesia has a full list of competent Palm Kernel Shell suppliers. In this article, we will show you how to buy Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia.

So, before you make a purchase, make sure to read our explanation down below.

Buying Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia

1. Understanding the Tax and Regulation

Every country has its own standards and regulation with regards to trading goods out of their country and Indonesia is no exemption. In this section, we will cover what and how the tax is determined for purchasing Indonesian Palm Kernel Shell.

The tax has put on effective as per June 1st, 2020, under Regulation of the finance minister of the Republic of Indonesia number 57/PMK.05/2020 where the levy is 15 USD per MT for Palm Kernel Shell. The tax section for trade duties on Palm Kernel Shell has been resolved in the regulation of the Republic of Indonesia’s finance minister number 13/PMK.010/2017 concerning the determination of fare goods subject to trade duties.

This fare duty expense will be resolved month to month through the specification of the trade minister on the determination of the trade benchmark costs for forestry and agricultural products subject to trade duties. If you are fine with this tax and regulation, then you can proceed to the next step.

2. Requesting Assistance

Indonesia is known for its intricate guideline of Palm Kernel Shell trade that changes now and again. Subsequently, finding the right, reliable business partner to be your long-term Palm Kernel Shell supplier in Indonesia can be challenging.

Some buyers even have experienced the worst about it; something to do with tax and policy.           In any case, you can contact a team or organization that has associations with a lot of verified Palm Kernel Shell suppliers in Indonesia.

With a full team of experienced experts, they will cautiously choose and screen all the available suppliers to give a full list of verified Palm Kernel Shell suppliers in Indonesia for you. You might even get a free consultation.

Usually, they will also help organize your visit to Indonesia to survey the supplier’s stockpile that meets your necessities.

3. Choosing the Shipping Method

The shipping practice in Indonesia is for Palm Kernel Shell to be stacked from open stockpiles exposed to the climate or weather. There are cargo declarations and MSDS sheets given that state various moisture contents, usually between 20% to 23%.

Nonetheless, the real moisture certificates or declarations based on pre-loading sampling are not given by shippers. Palm Kernel Shells are seen as non-hazardous cargo.

However, there were incidents that showed that this cargo can be hazardous to the ship and its crew. Along these lines, you have to choose the shipping method cautiously.

Buying Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia by sea will commonly be based on the destination. The all-out time relies upon which port the products leave or arrive through and which type of compartment you hire.

For instance, you could be utilizing full compartment loads that will save time as your consignment will not have to sit tight for other businesses’ cargo. It can likewise be based on your cargo type, inland travel time, and climate conditions.

4. Providing Details

If you are keen on going into long-term agreements to buy Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia with certain specifications, you have to make sure that all shipments must be confirmed by third-party inspection to guarantee the safety of the products. Note that Indonesian suppliers are only keen on dealing with buyers who are serious about building up a long-term relationship based on mutual collaboration.

What’s more, they are only eager to work with the right partners to build up their business to fulfill the highest international guidelines, including EU certifications requirements. If you are keen on working with them to build up your business, you need to give details such as the current FOB cost per MT, your current area, the closest port, limit every month, and payment terms and conditions.

You also have to give your name, your company name, and full contact details.

buy palm kernel shell indonesia


Lately, the interest for Palm Kernel Shell has increased considerably in Indonesia, bringing about a price close to that of coal. These days, power producers and cement industries are progressively utilizing Palm Kernel Shell to substitute coal.

If you want to buy Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia, first, you have to research the accessibility of the suppliers. Explore Indonesian suppliers of Palm Kernel Shell you wish to bring into your country, make appealing offers, and pinpoint the right deal.

Then, choose which shipping method to utilize. Last but not least, organize the shipping.

Find a business partner that can assist you with providing all services in the chain from pick-up to delivery, as well as peripheral services. For example, stockpiling, packing, and distribution, all at exceptionally competitive costs.

So, written above is an explanation of how to buy Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia. Contact us to start buy PKS from Indonesia – then we will help you.

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