If you are looking for a Palm kernel shell to use as your biomass – whether for industrial use or whatever, you have come to the right place. We are the best supplier for palm kernel shell and wood pellet products. We are connected with tens of palm oil factories with production reaching tens of thousands of tonnes each month. We are able to supply whatever your industrial needs.

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Our Palm Kernel Shell Specification

Since our main target is for foreign markets, we pay great attention to the quality of our palm kernel shells. You can rest assured that you are getting a quality palm kernel shell at the best price

Maximum 20% moisture content (Moisture)

We always ensure our palm kernel shell has a maximum moisture content of 20% following international standards. Thus, you can feel confident and secure that your product does not need special treatment in order to adapt to the demands of your industry.

Min calories 4000 Kcal / kg
We guarantee the palm kernel shell calorie content is at least 4000 Kcal / kg. This shell is suitable for biomass fuel. With the palm kernel shell that we produce, you will have maximum biomass with low levels of pollution even almost nothing. The green energy produced is environmentally friendly and healthy energy for life

The max. 1% (Impurities)
Our stockpiles are equipped with a screening machine to separate impurities such as stone, iron, and fiber from the shells that are usually found in stock shells from factories. So, you get a clean and quality product, not mixed with other useless materials. Buyer satisfaction is our main slogan – and we continue to impart that slogan to every worker and transaction we carry out

FOB at the Port
Because we are connected to many certified palm oil mills from all over Indonesia, all products are subject to FOB at the nearest industrial port so you just have to prepare sea transportation to the destination country

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Contact Us for Your Order

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

We have a passion in the biomass procurement business, with our focus on palm kernel shell biomass and wood pellet. Therefore, we have established many relationships with many palm oil and timber processing plants to provide pks and wp biomass. That is why we dare to say that we are able to supply however much you need – because we are supported by so many certified factories

Immediately contact us via contact form or email – you can also via WhatsApp to inform your needs in detail. As soon as we find out, we will contact you again with the desired product specifications as well as laboratory test results to ensure product suitability. We – guarantee that every product we have is internationally standardized.

As soon as we agree on the details of the goods and prices, it can be followed up with the payment and delivery process until it arrives at the destination.

We want to make it easy for you. Thus, we guarantee that every process is carried out professionally and quickly – according to the work contract agreed upon together.

Just contact us and start your order. Thank you very much.